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Descarga, disfruta y difunde, no te lo guardes, es patrimonio para toda la humanidad enviado por Dios por medio divino enviado.

Virtues, women, marriage
Translation of the sacred scriptures
96 celestial planes
Topics in celestial science
Telepathic translation of the stones of Ica and the geometry of Nazca
Telepathic items and breach of trust
What will come
Alpha and omega numbers
celestial science
Know yourself and Bible themes
science, morality, psychology and divine justice and animal rights
Divine flag of the millennium of peace and being born again
Revolutionary Christianity and nailed Christ
The Pharaohs, elections of rulers and philosophy of force
Introductory, the scroll and the lamb, the book of life and the divine little silver lamb
Documents to the divine father and divine origin of planet Earth
Morals, customs, vegetarianism and proposals
Prophecies, third world, reincarnation and history of Moroni
Lamb of God Rolls and Flying Saucers
Galactic philosophy